Siemens Controls: Intro to DDC

06-19-2019 8:00 am -11:00 am

Breakfast Provided 

This module explains what Distributed Digital Controls (DDC) is and how it works. After you complete this course, you should understand the design principles of DDC systems.  The course does not teach you to operate a specific manufacturer's product, but it teaches information that is common to most building controls systems. 


Distributed Digital Controls (DDC)

  • Define Distributed Digital Control.
  • Explain how DDC operates buildings and its advantages.

System Operations

  • Describe how databases work together to control a building.


  • Define points and the difference between physical and virtual points.

Participants: This module is for personnel who understand mechanical concepts, but need an overall understanding of how DDC systems function and control equipment in their building.


Siemens Controls: Desigo CC Reports

07-17-2019 8:00 am -11:00 am

Breakfast Provided 

You will learn how to effectively use the Desigo CC Report application and its associated features.

  • Create a new report folder
  • Open existing report
  • Navigate the report panes and explore various viewing options
  • Add graphics, trends or a log view definition to a report
  • Adjust report formatting to include font, layout and page setup.
  • Generate filers for some of the more commonly used reports.
  • Set up report output routing.
  • Execute reports as a pdf, excel or csv file.

LG Multi V V VRF Installation Essentials

07-19-2019 8:00 am -5:00 pm

Who should attend? Employees and sub-contractors of our Representative or Distributor partners who will be engaging in field installation of LG VRF equipment.

What you will learn: The manufacturer’s guidelines for installing the piping and wiring systems connected to the indoor and outdoor LG VRF air conditioning equipment.


Siemens Controls: Scheduler

08-21-2019 8:00 am -11:00 am

Breakfast Provided


The Scheduler is a Desigo function that allows you to schedule events, reports, and trend collections on the Desigo calendar.  Schedules contain start, stop times for equipment events, and start times for reports and trend collection.  The calendar consists of a series of days that continue to the year 2036. 


  • Define the terms associated with the scheduler
  • Create the new event in the event builder application
  • Add an event to the schedule
  • Override a scheduled event
  • Add a replacement day to the schedule

DFS Installation Essentials Overland Park

09-11-2019 8:00 am -12:00 pm

This class is directed toward employees and sub-contractors of our Representatives / Distribution partners who will be engaging in field installation of LG DFS equipment. You will learn the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing the piping and wiring systems connected to the indoor and outdoor DFS air conditioning equipment. This class begins with a brief introduction to DFS equipment, followed by lectures about product installation (Emphasis is placed on piping and control wiring.) PowerPoint presentation and discussions will also cover charging and pre-commissioning tasks that must be completed before startup. During the presentation, students will be introduced to LG SIM 2.0 and LGMV, which are the tools that must be used to evaluate DFS equipment performance.

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