award badgeUniversity of Central Missouri

Kan-Struct Collaborative Award of Honor 

Warrensburg, MO

HVAC Equipment

Construction Manager: McCown Gordon, Emcor Services Fagan
Architect: Gould Evans Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Henderson Engineers
Photography (classroom and building photos): Aaron Dougherty Photography

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The Partnership:
The University of Central Missouri (UCM), host to 12,300 students, decided to upgrade and replace the field built-up systems heating and cooling the Wilson C. Morris Science Building, where students take their classes relating to the sciences. The design team worked to identify a solution for UCM that not only satisfied their project specifications, but improved operations. The team established a need for custom, factory designed units to improve the facility's overall efficiency while keeping its occupants comfortable. The engineering team discussed building their own custom units, but instead selected ClimateCraft, saving time, money and manpower.

ClimateCraft ACCESS units fulfilled the project's customization needs, but all from one manufacturer. The custom units were designed utilizing performance data and the building’s unique space constraints as guides. ClimateCraft equipment is more energy efficient and longer-lasting than UCM’s original system and as a result the project cost was lower than the owner’s budget. To keep students comfortable and productive during installation, an implementation schedule was generated to accommodated student schedules. 

ClimateCraft’s ACCESS technology is perfect for installations in tight, constrained spaces with unique infrastructure accommodations. ACCESS is a process for custom engineering and manufacturing air handling units that are factory-made and field-assembled. The technology is ideal for retrofit applications where access to the mechanical room is limited. These units are engineered specifically for final assembly at the job site so that units can be built during installation, making it possible to fit large units in small spaces. At UCM, the installation team was not only confined to a tight space, but had to build around two structural columns. ACCESS units are shipped to the job site in individual panels, requiring no field assembly. They’re designed to be easily transported into small spaces, negotiating narrow corridors and tight corners. Detailed installation instructions, tool lists and photos are available to assist with any questions that might arise during field installation. 

As a public university, the UCM leadership team is focused on making the student experience the best it can be while being good stewards of their resources. By selecting ClimateCraft equipment, the university saved time and money in the short and long term that can be funneled into other departments and programs. 

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