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    HVAC Tools and Accessories from BCS Parts


Looking for HVAC parts, accessories and tools? Look no further than BCS Parts. With two locations in Kansas, the BCS Parts Store provides hundreds of HVAC parts and accessories from a variety of vendors including OEM and Aftermarket products. Our experienced team can provide solutions for any of your mechanical issues.

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Contractors: Earn Rewards for Selling LG

BCS Parts is looking for a team of talented residential and light commercial HVAC contractors to become LG Excellence Dealers. You can take your business to new levels by earning incentives, free training and recognition for selling, installing and servicing LG Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning systems. Your customers will love the LG Duct Free System's sleek design options, easy installation, energy efficiency, quiet operation and customized temperature control. You'll love the marketing, financial and training support received from LG and BCS Parts.

The best part? You could win an all-expenses paid trip to Beaver Lake, Arkansas by earning points for distributing LG products through BCS Parts.

Here's how it works:

  • $1,000 LG Equipment=4 Points
  • $1,000 non-LG Products=1 Point

To Qualify:

  • 1 Person-50 Parts Points
  • 2 People-90 Parts Points
  • 3 People-125 Parts Points
  • 4 People- 155 Parts Points
  • 5 People- 180 Parts Points
  • 6 People- 205 Parts Points

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Business Owners and Facility Managers: Enjoy convenience and save money

Save time and your budget with the BCS Parts On-Site Stocking Program. Necessary HVAC parts and accessories will be stored at or near your facility for ease of maintenance for your facility team. You'll also enjoy a partnership and support from our BCS Parts team.

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Technicians and Contractors: Earn rewards by purchasing AAON parts, tools, and more

The only AAON parts provider in your area, BCS Parts now offers a Technian Reward Program for purchases on parts, tools and more. You could earn free cutting-edge tools, gear and more.

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    Relevant Case Studies

Hays Middle School

Hays Middle School

The school's outdated equipment, including a nearly 50 year old heat pump, was replaced with equipment providing greater efficiency and few maintenance headaches.

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Tholen's Heating and Cooling: LG Excellence Contractor Program

Tholen's Heating and Cooling: LG Excellence Contractor Program

The LG line of products has increased sales in the ductless market for Tholen's Heating and Cooling.

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