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    Total Cost of Ownership. Empowering Stakeholders. Control Freaks.

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Ambitiously Curious

Humble – Open to Other’s Opinions – Innovative – Always Learning

We’re not attention seeking, chest thumpers. No, we are people who possess a quiet confidence and who do not need to make sure others know how great we are.

Are you a master of your craft? Have nothing else to learn? Know everything? Then you aren’t right for BCS. There will always be more to learn. Often the best way to learn and grow is to be open to the opinions of an “anti-you”, therefore we value diversity at BCS.

Our clients rely on us to continue learning to better support them and their buildings. As our industry and technology evolve, we will always be driven to develop and discover new methods, tools and applications for our work.

Always Want the Best

Greater Good - People Smart - High Expectations

We arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work. We are committed to doing what is best for our customers and our company. Even when no one is watching. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We ask good questions and we listen to understand what others are saying.

Our success as a company, and as professionals, is deeply rooted in our ability to work together as a highly functioning, communicative team. No matter how great any one individual may be at their jobs, they are only as good as their surrounding team members.

Whatever It Takes

Hungry - High Sense of Urgency - Fearlessly Takes Initiative - Willing to Serve

We are relentless problem solvers. We get shit done quickly, efficiently, on time, and on budget. Period. Our customers and co-workers know they can rely on us. Who is the most reliable person you know? Who would do “whatever it takes” for you? Could your co-workers and clients say this about you?

We at BCS do not take people or their time for granted, and as a result, it is critical that our clients and co-workers know that when you say you’ll do something, you do it. We do not utter the phrase “that’s not my job”. No question about it.


We Do Buildings Smart.

As a trusted partner, through managing total cost of ownership, BCS aspires to be the number one provider of high-value solutions that enable facility owners and managers to operate their buildings safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

How do we do that? Through doing buildings smart. A smart building is not just about technology, it is about innovatively planning for the life of the building. This comprehensive long-term approach includes facility condition assessments, building monitoring, and controls and equipment strategies that result in the highest levels of comfort at the lowest total cost.

Like its people, each building is different. With diverse capabilities. With unique needs. And although the foundation and basic structure may remain the same, it too must continually adapt to the new to survive and thrive. Which is why we make it our business to remain always on the leading edge of innovative answers to the complex life of your building through products, services, and the relentless desire to serve.

Highest Comfort, Lowest Total Cost – Since 1985

In 1985, Ken Stoppel and a small crew of strong entrepreneurs specializing in temperature control, engineering, service, and marketing, formed Building Controls and Services, Inc. in Wichita, Ks. Since then, our entire life's work for over 35 years has been devoted to nurturing the vital relationship between humankind and buildingkind.

What do we mean by that? Well, a building is a living, breathing artifact with hopes and dreams in the form of the people who inhabit it. A building, like a human, evolves and matures with the passing years through the vision of the creators and doers who are inspired within its walls. It is our job to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers and buildings by being an outstanding building controls provider. This begins with our foundational values of honesty, dignity, and respect; followed by our core values of being ambitiously curious, doing whatever it takes, and always wanting the best. So, what sets us apart? Our dedication to empowering our stakeholders, focusing on total cost of ownership, and being complete control freaks.

Our passion is to create comfort zones that free you to think, work and live safely, comfortably, and efficiently. From office buildings to enterprise-level production, healthcare, and educational facilities – we are experienced in them all.

BCS entrance area
Ken First Day as CEO
James talking with team members

Our Facility Optimization Capabilities

We make it our business to remain always on the leading edge of innovative answers to the complex life of your building, through products, services and the relentless desire to serve. Our passion is creating comfort zones that free you to think, work and live safely, comfortably and efficiently.

  • Building Automation

    Practicing building intelligence best practices, our facility optimization specialists can diagnose, optimize, and integrate building automation systems currently in place or upgrade new energy efficient systems. This leads to hard data collection which can be used to analyze and reduce your buildings’ true costs.

  • Mechanical Equipment

    To keep a facility running, the highest-quality mechanical equipment is necessary to get the job done. At BCS, we use the best brands of equipment in the business to ensure your facility is optimized to operate at its best.

  • Life Safety Systems

    When choosing a system that can potentially save lives, you need the best for your building's occupants. Offering safety and security systems such as video surveillance, mobile security management, and mass notification systems, our facility optimization specialists provide the best safety and security systems for your unique safety needs.

  • Customer Training

    Offering free training to help you utilize facility equipment to its full capability, our in-house facility experts train customers to manage their facilities as effectively as possible. View our training calendar or contact us today to learn more about free customer training.

  • Technical Support

    Our staff is ready and available 24 hours a day to help you if any problems with equipment arise or emergencies occur. We also offer preventative maintenance and regular service calls on facility equipment to ensure your facility is operating efficiently and to prevent problems before they grow to emergency levels. Call us at (316) 267-5814 or contact us today if you have an emergency or any questions regarding your facility.

  • Parts

    Your comfort zone consultants, our parts department provides HVAC parts, tools, and accessories. Our parts department offers the support and expertise necessary to keep your building systems working as efficiently as possible. Check out our robust list of products online, or visit one of our parts facilities in Wichita, KS or Overland Park, KS.

    Learn More About Our Parts Department
  • Energy Management

    A solution to reduce your total cost of ownership and boost energy efficiency, BCS's Strategic Energy and Maintenance Programs (SEMP) address the root cause of facility issues Programs utilizes energy audits and facility monitoring to provide a complete picture of your building and the steps necessary to optimize it for long-term benefits.

    Learn More About Energy Management

Serving Your Facility

At BCS, we understand that facility optimization is a significant investment. Our professional facility optimization specialists can inspect your building and offer cost-efficient solutions that fit your budget.

If you are interested in optimizing your facility or learning more about building systems, please give us a call us at (316) 267-5814 or contact us today.

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