Building Automation

Your building’s automation control system is like a robot with point of access for monitoring, controlling and scheduling of the many components within your facility. Automation systems control many different building loads based on time of day or other criteria.

Because heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment can represent the largest hog of your building’s energy, correct operation and scheduling of your automation system is crucial to your bottom line and keeping the boss happy.

To keep these costs in line, proper ongoing maintenance and software support of your building’s automation system is a must. That’s where we can help. Our fully-trained and experienced technicians work all over Kansas – they know the climate and demands of buildings in the region.

Our Automation System Services TSP (Technical Support Program) features periodic preventative maintenance; it’s like regular oil changes for your automation system. By regularly verifying that your automation system is operating correctly, problems are often avoided altogether or discovered while they are still minor.

Today’s commercial buildings are constantly being modified and reconfigured to meet the changing demands of business. Our technicians have the experience to support these ongoing modifications, as well as spot additional opportunities for enhanced efficiency and cost savings within your facility. Hi there, savings!

BCS offers recommissioning or retrocommissioning if it’s been awhile since your building was constructed. BCS technicians will improve how building mechanical equipment and systems function together. If you are looking at purchasing or have recently purchased a building, recommisioning is a good first step to determining the operations of the building. Retrocommissioning improves the building’s operations and maintenance procedures to enhance the overall building performance.

With BCS Automation System Services TSP, you’ll be able to sleep knowing that your facility’s automation system is operating most efficiently and most cost effectively.