How Preventive Maintenance Leads to Cost Savings

With the uncertain economic climate, it is tempting to find creative ways to trim a budget. Cutting back on preventive maintenance is often an attractive target for reduction. However, skimping on this could end up costing you significantly more in the long term.

While it may appear that you are not seeing any return from your preventive maintenance dollars, you are enjoying real benefits with every action.

Cost Savings Maintenance
A well-maintained system functions at optimal performance. This means that it costs you less to run. Something as simple as dirty filters can strain your system, costing you more to operate it every day.

In addition to the ongoing operating cost benefits, having regular scheduled maintenance extends the lifetime of your systems. This means that you won't have to invest in a replacement system until your current one has served you well for many years.

Conducting inspections as an integral part of a well-designed preventive maintenance plan allows technicians to identify issues before they become problems. Simple repairs and small part replacements can prevent a system crash which could force the need for purchasing a replacement system - a significant unexpected financial hardship on any business.

A hidden benefit from conducting inspections and maintenance is being notified when it is time to start planning for a more modern alternative to your current system. Technology is continually improving building environmental systems. While your present system is functioning properly, it may no longer be optimal given the latest available systems. A newer system could save you money in the long term. Being informed of your choices before you must make them gives you the time to budget for a cost saving replacement.

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