New Video Technology Enhances Security - Part One

Proper identification ensures and enhances security. New biometric technology developments are improving the quality and consistency of facial recognition security. Biometrics is gradually replacing traditional ID cards and passwords because they offer superior methods of building control and visitor authentication.

New Video Technology Enhances Security 1

How It Works

Most facial recognition systems use CCTV cameras and proprietary software to automatically target faces and measure them based on unique algorithms. This process creates a mathematical face-print. The individual’s face-print code is encrypted to maintain privacy and integrity while it is routed to the central database. Once it arrives, the face-print is compared to watch-lists of state, federal, and sometimes global criminals or unauthorized personnel. Face-prints that do not result in any matches are usually deleted. If the image reaches a set confidence threshold, an operator is automatically alerted.

The Value of Facial Scanning Technology

Iris, hand, and fingerprint scanning systems have a disadvantage when it comes to security control. A person under surveillance doesn’t have a choice whether they want to willingly participate in the biometric scan. Iris scanning, hand geometry, and fingerprinting involve support staff and an individual’s time and commitment. Each person at the security checkpoint must stop, follow the instructions and participate in the process. This creates customer lines, traffic bottlenecks, inevitable delays, and frustration. Facial scanning and recognition systems avoid these problems.

The Challenges

Having security cameras and statistical algorithms do the work reduces human errors and minimizes profiling. Citizen privacy and false identifications are valid concerns. However, there are equally important technical challenges. Facial recognition quality depends on variables like distance, resolution, expression, face angle, the illumination between the image and mugshot, and more. In the real world, a person passing a random security camera will not naturally look at it or remove their hat or sunglasses. Therefore, having a professional security system at a controlled checkpoint is the best solution.

Facial recognition technology is superior to conventional security methods and technology. Biometrics present a good solution to growing security problems. Contact us to learn what technologies and systems we can help you implement to better secure your buildings.

And stay tuned for part two, where we will cover the applied uses of facial recognition technology in various business settings and situations.

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